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Sports Betting Strategies

In order to successfully play with bookmakers, while remaining a winner, you need not only to use sports predictions from professionals, but also to know the strategies for sports betting. A chaotic, unsystematic game, can bring momentary profits, but in the end turns into losses. In order not to remain in the red, you need to use a system or a method that allows you to block losses. This is a betting strategy. Among the variety of strategies for betting on football, flat is one of the most common among both beginners and professionals. The flat principle is as simple as possible - to bet a fixed amount on each selected event. The result of previous bets in no way affects the size of the bet. The player determines the amount for himself and then puts it absolutely on all outcomes, which he decided to play. This is a basic financial strategy for betting.

Types of flat strategy

  • Static flat is the safest type of flat. Usually, a fixed rate is 1% of the bank and does not change for a long time. That is, if you have $1,000, then you will have to bet $10 each time, regardless of whether your bank will increase or decrease.
  • Academic flat is considered the most popular type of flat. The rate varies between 1-3% of the bankroll depending on the player’s confidence in the outcome of the predicted event (with a maximum confidence of 3%). If your losing streak drags on - you can always revise the stake amount and set 1% for all competitions. This will save you from unnecessary risk of bank losses.
  • Aggressive flat, in comparison with static and academic, is often called risky. Bettor plays with bets of 2-3% of the bank regardless of the intermediate result, which makes the strategy dangerous.

Summing up

Flat is a reliable tool for the player. The main advantage of the flat betting system, especially static and academic, is that this strategy can bring tangible profit in the long run. In addition, you have much less risk of losing your entire bankroll than in the case of other bet strategies.

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