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Both Teams to Score & Draw Tips

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"Draw and both to score" bet

In this article, we will look at a betting strategy on soccer matches based on the assumption of a draw and that both teams will score a goal. The strategy involves searching for mutually effective matches that end in a draw. We will study the approaches and offer several recommendations for applying this strategy.

Introduction to the "Draw and Both Score" strategy

The Draw and Both Score strategy is based on finding matches where both teams have a high chance of scoring, but the match is likely to end in a draw. This strategy requires timely analysis of match statistics and quality bet selection.

This approach is considered quite risky, but with proper selection of matches and careful analysis of teams, this risk can be minimized, ensuring high growth potential for your bank.

How to choose matches for betting using this strategy?

First of all, you need to focus your attention on leagues and tournaments where there is usually a high percentage of draws and both teams score often. Examples of such leagues include some European championships and club tournaments.

To begin with, it is recommended to analyze the statistics of the last 5-10 matches of each team. You need to pay attention to the following parameters:

These factors will allow you to get an idea of the likelihood of a draw and a mutually successful match, as well as choose the appropriate bets.

Examples of successful strategy implementation

Let's look at a few examples that demonstrate the successful application of this strategy:
  1. We decided to bet on a draw (3:3) in the match between teams “A” and “B”, since both teams always scored goals, and the statistics of the last meetings indicated a draw. We placed a bet at high odds and won. At the same time, we earn a significant profit on top.
  2. In the match between teams “C” and “D”, we noticed that both teams scored against each other in recent meetings and had similar results. Our expectations were justified and the match ended with a score of 2:2, which also brought us a good win.

Risk analysis and possible countermeasures

The “Draw and Both Score” strategy carries certain risks associated with the possibility of incorrectly assessing teams and their current form. However, this risk can be minimized through in-depth analysis of matches and assimilation of team information.

You should also remember about financial management and the fact that you should not operate with large amounts at once. You should choose the amount and size of bets that is acceptable to you, without going beyond the boundaries of your comfort and capabilities.


The “Draw and Both Score” strategy can be effective if used correctly and when choosing bets on soccer matches. Serious preparation, analysis of teams and adherence to the rules of financial discipline reduce risks and will help grow your bank. It is important to constantly learn and develop in the world of betting in order to become a professional in your field. Regularly study articles, watch analytical programs and try new strategies, starting with free bets.

Tips for betting on BTTS & Draw

Remember, betting should always be done responsibly, and it’s important to understand the risks involved.

⍰ BTTS & Win Frequently Asked Questions

“Both Teams to Score and Win” (BTTS & Win) is a type of bet where you predict that both teams will score in a match, and also predict the winner of the match.

You need to correctly predict two outcomes: that both teams will score at least one goal each, and the final result of the match (which team wins or if it’s a draw). It’s a more challenging bet because it requires both parts to be correct for a win.

Typically, BTTS bets only count goals scored within the regular 90 minutes plus any added injury time. Goals scored in extra time or penalty shootouts usually do not count

Yes, own goals count towards the BTTS market. As long as both teams have at least one goal on the scoreboard, regardless of how the goals are scored, the BTTS part of the bet is successful.

The odds for BTTS & Win bets are usually higher than for a standard BTTS bet because it’s harder to predict two outcomes correctly. It’s popular among bettors who want to combine the excitement of goalscoring with the added challenge of picking the winner.

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